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What are Tear Stains?

Our research staff has found that several men and women who own dogs and cats are searching the web for information on what are tear stains and if there is such thing as a removal option. For those who are unfamiliar with staining on the facial hair of your dog or cat, those brown and red marks are called tear stains. These marks can develop in puppies, kittens and can continue to their full grown.

Some individuals may wonder why their dog or cat has developed stains. There are many reasons these stains can form, but the most influential factors are genetic. Dogs and cats with short snouts, shallow eye sockets, poor drainage in their tear ducts, and eyelids that face inwards promotes staining.

The best way to reduce the look of staining on your dog or cats facial hair is by giving them a supplement. Most men an d women classify supplements as a tear stain removal product. But supplements do not remove stains. Instead the work to eliminate health factors that promote the tears from within the body.

Tear stain supplements have been on the market for the past few decades and are one of the most trusted options for many pet owners. The best supplements for your pet are those that have no known side effects associated with its formulation. If a supplement has been associate with negative effects, then they should not be used on your dog or cat. Ingredients like Tylosin should only be used if directed by a vet because it has been connected to negative side effects†. Individuals whose pets do not

There are some remover options known as facial cleansing shampoos and conditioners, along with facial wipes that can remove stains. These products require patience from both you and your pet because it may be difficult to scrub away eye crust on pets that do not like their facial hair being washed.

Remover options, like the ones at tear stain center | the best dog tear stain removal, can be found in local pet stores and online from a manufacturer. These products may differ in usage, ingredients and cost. The best products are those that can offer results for an affordable cost.