3 ways to reduce tear staining in pets

Many light colored breeds of both dogs and cats may show visible signs of tear stains. These stains can appear on the inner corners of the eyes and on the hair towards their cheeks. Hair, skin and bacteria can all affect the color of these stains. Most stains are brown, red or a mixture of these colors. The overflow of tears on the hair near the eyes is actually a common cosmetic issue for both dogs and cats.

Dogs and cats can develop eye stains when they have shallow eyelids, ducts that can easily clog in the eyes, and short snouts. Smaller animal breeds are more at risk of developing tear stains than larger dog breeds. Dogs that are affected by these stains are often lap-sized dogs. Theses stains are highly visible on white or tan colored dogs. Breeds like Maltese, Shih-Tzu, and even Yorkies can develop eye stains. These are some of the top show dog breeds and they can even have beauty issues. Cats that develop eye stains include: Persian, Himalayan, Siamese, and Ragdolls.  Stains in cats’ develop for the same reasons as they do in dogs.  It can be relate to poor drainage in the eyes that discharges in the fur.

If your pet develops eye stains then you may need one of the following products to help improve the eye area of your dog or cat: body wash, facial eye wipes or a tear stain supplement. Each of these products offers different benefits and results. To see which options are the best, please refer to sites like http://tear-stain-center.com/. Body cleansers and eye wipes only offer 1-2 day results, and then stains can redevelop. Supplements are the top choices on the market.

Tear stain supplements can offer the best benefits. They work on both old and new stains, while addressing the problem that promotes eye stains from within your dog or cat. There are some supplements that are intended for all dog and cat breeds. These products are recommended especially if you have multiple dogs, cats or both animals. Supplements that contain 100% natural ingredients and no Tylosin are the best supplements on the market. To compare Angels Eyes to other products, please refer to  http://tear-stain-center.com/angels-eyes/.

Symptoms of Gout: What to look for

Supplements that are considered dietary products can help manage and balance the common symptoms of gout. There are many products that help address pain, inflammation and uric acid build up. These are just some of the common symptoms of gout. To learn more about these symptoms, read below or review sites like www.gout-treatment-help.com.

Gout symptoms is not something that can be overlooked. These symptoms can be excruciating and can also promote additional damage if the symptoms are not addressed. The most well-known symptoms of gout include:

  1. Pain: Attacks can occur in the hands, knees, big toe, and wrists. After a gout flare up has occurred, pain will be the most excruciating within the first 4-12 hours. This can be discomforting especially because this pain is a throbbing feeling.
  2. Inflammation: The joints will start to feel heated, tender and they can become red and swollen in appearance.
  3. Discomfort: These symptoms can make it hard for individuals to sleep, relax and can also make them feel as if they are in a bad condition they cannot escape. This discomfort can last several hour to even days.
  4. Motion Ability: When symptoms occur, it can limit your mobility and ability to perform tasks. Walking, writing, and doing other simple tasks are now complicated, painful and discomforting.

Men and women who do not address these symptoms may experience worsening affects in the future. When uric acid crystals are not addressed, they can promote the development of nodule sunder the skin. These nodules are considered tophi. Tophi can also develop in the common joints that are affected by gout, such as the: ankles, fingers, hands and elbows. Based on research, some individuals claim that tophi is not painful, unless a gout attack has occurred. Individuals who develop tophi might want to consult with their doctor to get a medication that is considered a treatment.

Individuals who have not developed more severe signs of uric acid can purchase a dietary supplement online. These products do not require a prescription or doctor approval. To compare the different uric acid supplements to one another, please visit  http://gout-treatment-help.com/uricaid/.